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About Graduate Engineer Trainee Program

Graduate Engineer Trainee Program (GETP) is a structured development program for fresh graduates & Post-Graduates students to develop technical & behavior skills development with career growth at Escorts Kubota Limited.

This Program is designed to prepare our young employees to learn, apply and experience various skills in this fast-changing environment. As part of this program, they get an exposure of learn new skills, learn about various markets and its segments, learn every aspect of product, meet customers and understand their buying behavior, meet channel partners, interact with the leadership team, coaching opportunity with Senior Leaders and other Senior Graduate Trainee, as well as opportunity to work in our frontline roles to understand our core business.

Development Journey

  • 6 months structured development program with one-month extensive hands-on product training and role shadowing
  • Role allocation at the end of 6 months with minimum 1 year deployment in a role
  • Opportunity to work in different role and department post completion of 2 years.
  • Various learning opportunities as part of the oranization

Key Highlights of The Program

Powerful Induction: Knowing Escorts Kubota Limited
Connect with Leadership team
Alumni Connect
Opportunity to Learn and Grow
Capability Development Programs (behavioral & functional)

The New Energy at Escorts Kubota Limited!

At Escorts Kubota Limited, we believe that our competitive advantage is resident within our people. Our people bring to the company a diverse ferment of multi-sectoral experiences, academic qualifications and domain knowledge drawn across ages, genders and regions. More than this complement, our people bring to the company a distinctive passion. This passion has been reflected in the ability to disrupt the sectoral or corporate status quo and enhance the company’s engineering competitiveness, reflecting in superior product quality and enhanced customer delight.

Employee speak


Anuj Gupta

VDI (Cabin Department), Research & Development(R&D)
Mechanical Engineering,
Vellore Institute Of Technology, Chennai, Batch of 2020

I am happy to be a part one of the renowned Organization. My experience and learning during these months are amazing. Every Single day I am learning something new , which is the best part.

Ms. Utkarsh Kumar
Chandigarh University
Ms. Shweta Tiwari
Amity University
Mr. Yashu Singh
Chandigarh University
Ms. Nigam Kumar Sinha

Our Employees
are our
Biggest Assets

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People Interventions @ Escorts Kubota Limited!

Growth Opportunities

The flagship leadership development program, ESCOSTARS, provides an opportunity to employees at mid to senior management level to build skills and advance their career growth within the company. In addition, the company continues to focus on constant development of people across all levels through calendar program and various external programs conducted at IIMs/ISB and other premier institutions.

In Escorts Kubota Limited, we have imagined career trajectory in two directions: Vertical and Horizontal. Vertical growth (also known as Ladder approach) is like taking the elevator straight to the destination. Horizontal growth (also known as Lattice approach) is like opening a bunch of new doors and new possibilities.

Taking a vertical approach to career makes the most sense when someone on a specialist track with a clear idea of the role that he/she would like to have, especially within a defined function.

Technical specialists with deep subject matter expertise typically benefit more from a vertical track as each role in the career path will build upon and deepen the experience and knowledge of that person.

The ability to lattice one's way to the desired job within his/her the company may depend on several factors, including person's own appetite for not following the "traditional" ladder approach. This approach to career growth can apply to many job functions, and is especially critical to those who aspire to be general managers, senior business leaders, or any other role that requires a cross-functional and more generalist set of skills and experience.

The lattice approach is also useful to anyone considering a career change, needing to increasingly balance work and life demands or anyone seeking to add a variety to their skills.

Why Work at Escorts Kubota Limited

The company's Core values (Respect for People, Empowerment, Transparency and Collaboration), Strategic values (Customer centricity, Excellence, Innovation and Agility) and strong employer value proposition is deep rooted in its exceptional positioning as a 'School of Leaders' - offering ever challenging jobs/role in career to develop and build necessary skills for both, functional and leadership responsibilities.

Escorts Kubota Limited's approach to grooming talent and leaders has matured over several decades and every generation of leaders has left a mark through their remarkable value system, commitment to innovate, ownership for delivering results and exceptional entrepreneurial mind set.

We always ensure that we attract, retain and develop the best talent and our processes help lay a robust foundation for continuous development and renewal. The philosophy revolves around cross-functional team effectiveness, job rotation and create diversity of experiences in an individual's career.

Inclusion and Diversity

The starting point is one of our Core value - RESPECT FOR PEOPLE. We are committed to nurturing an inclusive and supportive work environment. It makes our workplace a more enriching environment for every employee. Further, our talent strategies have been very well integrated with inclusion, diversity and culture.

We recognize the fact that promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a constant work in progress, and it is maintained and nurtured every moment. The engagement of employees in cross-functional projects, Town Halls, activities and CSR are some of the examples.

In Escorts Kubota Limited, our business leaders are committed to develop a more cohesive, collaborative, and creative work environment as a means of driving continued growth.

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