About RPG
Built on a solid foundation of trust and tradition, RPG Group has grown with a relentless focus on excellence. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the conglomerate has diversified portfolio in the areas of infrastructure, tyres, information technology, health, energy, and plantations. Consisting of over fifteen companies across core sectors of the economy, RPG currently has a turnover in excess of US $4 billion. With a strong commitment to grow and dedication to people, RPG’s non-profit organisation, RPG Foundation is passionate about improving the quality of life of local communities and works by identifying critical need gaps, thus maximising social impact.
15th February 2022 Registrations
16th February 2022 - 12pm & 9pm Round 1: Test Your Mettle
18th March 2022 Round 2 Step 1: Think Big
25th March 2022 Round 2 Step 2: Situation Challenge
July 2022 Grand Finale
About Blizzard 2022
RPG Blizzard 2022: Round Details
We put you in a tight spot and test your mettle on business decisions, guesstimates and business concepts. You get 40 minutes to answer 15 questions. You will get 2 windows to attempt the test. This is a team challenge, and every team is only allowed one attempt any of the below mentioned windows. This is an elimination round.
16th February 2022, 12pm
16th February 2022, 9pm
Round 2:
Think blue sky and come back to us with a freshly brewed idea around any of our 6 businesses listed below. You could enhance any of our existing line of products/services/deliveries or come up with a completely new idea!
  • Following are the broad pointers which will help you think in a certain direction.
  • Details of the business idea - Business Opportunity, Description, USP
  • Market Research
  • Target Group
  • Execution Plan

However, we give you complete freedom to represent your idea the way you want.

Submission Format: 5-slide and a 1-minute video of the solution. Both are mandatory.
Start Date - 22nd Feb 2022
End Date  - 18th March 2022
We will give you an ad-hoc industry issue. We want you to think on your feet and give us a counter measure. Come back to us with 1 slide explaining your case.
25th March 2022
If you are amongst the chosen 6 teams you present your solution directly to our panel of industry stalwarts.
July 2022
Rules and Regulations
  • The competition is open to first year and second year students
  • Only full-time post-graduate students can participate
  • There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute
  • Students must register in teams of 3
  • One student cannot be the part of more than one team
  • The competition consists of a Business Decision Challenge and an Idea Challenge.
  • A particular team should choose to give only 1 idea per team out of 6 businesses of RPG
  • The Idea Challenge submission should be a ppt/pdf with the naming convention CampusName_TeamName.pdf, it cannot have more than 6 pages (Slide 1: Team details || Slide 2-6: Solution)
  • There will be online quizzes conducted for bonus points. Please follow RPG campus connect on Facebook and Instagram for quiz challenges. (Links below)
  • The idea pitch video should not exceed 1 minute
  • Follow #RPGBlizzard2022 for more updates
  • Last date to submit the elevator pitch is 18th March 2022
  • You will receive a link to submit the ppt/pdf and video for the idea challenge and the situation round
  • The top 6 teams will participate in the Finale where top 3 teams will be chosen winners
  • Top 6 teams would be offered PPIs
  • Please use your Official Campus ID to register
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Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs):
Pre-placement interviews for the final 6 teams