Creating an environment that motivates learning and empowers employees to grow and succeed

To provide opportunities to employees to Develop and Certify themselves in their chosen career path

To provide Customer-Centric learning and development

To develop and enhance our NextGen Leaders

To induct and develop Fresh Talent from Campuses

Message from our CLO

Our multi-faceted learning and development process at Hexavarsity, aims to enrich and empower individuals by making them multi-talented and agile in their responses to the challenges posed by the world of customer and business requirements. Our goal at Hexavarsity is to develop an empowered and multi-skilled workforce with market relevant skills. We enable this for all functions and levels in the organization, using an experiential learning, backed by state-of-the-art learning management systems, technologies and tools. Our mission is to create an environment that motivates learning and empowers employees to grow and succeed in their chosen career path relevant to the business. Join us at Hexavarsity to accelerate your learning curve and to propel yourself to the forefront of an increasingly evolving and complex Global Workforce!



The Ignite initiative began with the objective of aiding our leadership in coping with the role, process and structural changes that they face in a constantly evolving work environment. Ignite programs are based on five key competencies, namely, Strategic Thinking, Accountability and Ownership, Planning, Collaboration and most importantly, Customer Focus, with each built around Role-based KPIs.

Ignite is a Leadership Development Program with a difference, that focuses on polishing the above competencies, improving action-orientation and boosting creativity amongst our Leader and Managerial cadre.

Evolve’s mission is ‘to enable employees to upgrade their skills to perform roles relevant to the market’. In an era marked by continually evolving and changing technologies and business requirements, the internally conceptualized and designed Evolve initiative helps our employees stay agile in their response to these changes. The Role Based Certification Program ‘Evolve’ helps our employees achieve this, by dynamically upskilling and upgrading our employees with the skills relevant to their roles and the market. An assessment driven framework that tests technical, functional and soft skills; and the application of these skills in the work environment, makes this program robust and unique.

Hexaware’s Mavericks is designed on the key learning tenets of ‘Learning to Learn’ and ‘Learn by Doing’ . This program is conducted for Fresh graduates, both from engineering and non-engineering backgrounds, who are on boarded directly from campus and off-campus recruitment drives. The Mavericks Foundation is a Full Stack Developer training followed by a Technology focused training. A robust and comprehensive assessment mechanism is followed in Mavericks to ensure retention of knowledge and to test practical application of these concepts.

The Customer Centric Talent Development Program (CTaDel), is a custom-built Account-specific Learning Academy that ensures that our employees are equipped with precise account specific skills that are required to perform their roles effectively. CTaDel acts as a one-stop-shop for the account team to access eLearning or videos, account specific assessments, artifacts such as internal policies, processes, guidelines, training materials, KT documents, reference documents, etc., in a secured environment. Post a detailed Training Need Analysis (TNA), customized learning solutions are delivered with a blend of both eLearning or video-based courses and instructor-led training sessions across all geographies.